Pension gap : a new tool for AXA Bank Belgium

Published on 27/01/2018
Axa Bank has just launched a new "pension planner" solution. In collaboration with Gambit Financial Solutions.

A strategic partnership with BNP Paribas AM

Published on 07/09/2017
Today is a great day for Gambit Financial Solutions. BNP Paribas Asset management becomes our majority shareholder.

10 years of innovations

Published on 19/08/2017
This year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Gambit Financial Solutions. It is for us the opportunity to mesure the progress made since 2007.

“Disruptive Innovation of the year”

Published on 12/03/2017
Our financial management solution, Birdee, received the Disruptive Innovation of the Year Award from

2 days in Paris… at Fintech Forum

Published on 29/01/2017
For the second consecutive year, Gambit participated in the Paris Fintech Forum. The society was amongst the key sponsors.

Rewarded in Paris

Published on 11/12/2016
Birdee has seduced the BNP Paribas International Hackathon jury during the grand finale on December 2 in Paris.

A royal pitch at Euronext

Published on 04/12/2016
On Monday November 28, Gambit has been invited to pitch at Euronext in Amsterdam. In presence of Their Royal Majesties.

Victory at the Hackathon!

Published on 20/06/2016
Sunday 19 June, in Brussels, Birdee's team won the first prize of the BNP International Hackathon.

Gambit on Kanaal Z

Published on 17/06/2016
The TV channel is interested in fintechs, the "accelerators of the digital revolution." And among them : Birdee.