Our values



To meet both investor needs and the requirements of our customers, we work every day to build and strengthen the excellence of our solutions.



Transparency is our power. Our scientific basis is public, our algorithms are audited, our governance is simple and open.



We are born of innovation. It’s in our genes. Every day our teams improve, transform, innovate for the benefit of our customers and investors.

Our history

Gambit Financial Solutions was created in 2007 by a group of scientists at HEC-University of Liege. Our ambition – then and now – is simple and completely new : to put the customer at the heart of investment advice.


Today, Gambit Financial Solutions has 90 employees and is continuously nurturing new talents across four offices in Europe. We continue to work closely with the academic scientific community and we are a major innovative force in our field.


Our software for customer profiling solutions, portfolio optimization and risk management is used by financial institutions in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France.

The management team

Geoffroy de Schrevel

Geoffroy has devoted his career to the development of networks and innovative solutions in the international banking sector. Especially at Swift or at Mastercard, where he was part of the team that launched Maestro. Geoffroy has headed up Gambit since 2009. His goal is to make Gambit a major European player in the modernization of investment advice.

Laurent Bodson

Co-founder of Gambit and Ph.D. in Finance, Laurent has extensive portfolio management expertise and financial risk management experience, both in practice and in academic research. He leads the Operations of Gambit and delivers financial modelling lectures at HEC-Liège, where he is also Affiliate Professor.

Diego de Radzitzky
Head of Professional Services

Diego began his career as a developer at Ingram Micro Europe, where he quickly became an analyst. He joined Gambit’s operations team in 2013 and is currently responsible for the Professional Services division, which includes support staff , IT infrastructure and project management.

Gaël Monfort
Head of IT Development

Gaël has dual expertise in architecture computer systems and finance, which enables him to design Gambit’s algorithms. He has experience in software integration and organizing agile development teams in a banking environment. He is responsible for IT and security at Gambit.

Séverine Plunus
Head of Corporate Affairs

With a PhD in management, Séverine specializes in investor risk profiling. As co-founder of Gambit she manages human resources and finance. Séverine also teaches Investment and Portfolio Management at HEC Business School at the University of Liège.

Ken Van Eesbeek
Sales Director

Ken began his career as a regulatory capital consultant in banking. In 2011 he decided to join Gambit’s sales team and is now responsible for the Belgian, Dutch and Swiss markets. He is closely involved in the development of investment advisory solutions. Ken holds Masters degrees in Banking & Finance as well as Applied Economics. He is also FRM-certified.

Georges Hübner
Scientific Advisor

Co-founder of Gambit, Georges is professor of finance at HEC-University of Liège. He is also Associate Professor at the University of Maastricht and Affiliated Professor at EDHEC, the Luxembourg School of Finance and the Solvay Brussels School. George is a member of the Board, Chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Risk Committee of Belfius Bank SA/NV. He was also the President of the French Finance Association (AFFI) 2015-2016.

Alfred Steinherr
Chairman of the Board

Alfred has taught international finance at the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Bolzano. And is Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Nancy. He has also served in the world's major economic agencies : the Department of the International Monetary Fund Research in Washington and as Economics Advisor to the European Commission. Alfred was Chief Economist at the European Investment Bank until 2005.

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