Client : Axa Bank Belgium

Issue : Support the clients in their retirement planning

Gambit’s solution : Implementation of a « pension planner » solution

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« A role to play in the support of our customers »

Axa Bank Belgium

Axa Bank Belgium belongs to the Axa Group (10thbiggest investment managers in the world). Sixth largest bank in Belgium in terms of savings, it includes a network of 600 agencies and 850 collaborators in the service of 800 000 customers in Belgium.

The context

Axa Bank Belgium wished to launch a new tool to support customers in their retirement planning. The bank more particularly wished to raise customers’ awareness of a problem called “pension gap” – the difference, often huge, between the pension payments received by retired people and the amount that they would need to preserve their standard of living.

Axa Bank Belgium thus conceived a tool, called GPS, which is intended to help banking agents to better advise their customers in the composition and the management of their individual retirement account.

The principle

During a meeting in agency with his customer, the banking agent can first make simulations, and then establish with him a financial route to reduce his future “pension gap”. The GPS, a completely digital tool, integrates a questionnaire conceived to establish the customer’s risk profile, and allows to propose an investment portfolio with optimal allocation.

“As a banker, we have an important role to play in the support of our customers to establish and manage their heritage. That’s why we developed the GPS tool”, underlines Peter Devlies, CEO of Axa Bank Belgium.

Gambit Financial Solutions conceived the design, the customer journey and the algorithms according to Axa’s specifications. The GPS tool was launched on December 11th, 2017.

Why Gambit ?

“For the development of our new tool, we chose Gambit Financial Solutions for their expertise in conceiving digital and innovative financial tools. Thanks to this business expertise, we managed to create an investment advice tool which is not only beautiful, but also successful”, says Xavier Gys, Head of Invest of Axa Bank Belgium.

“Gambit is proud to have contributed to the creation of this strategic decision-making tool for Axa Bank. “The ambition of Axa Bank to offer a better customer support through digital innovation and a unique customer experience totally matched our profile. Thanks to the excellent collaboration within the project team, the GPS tool was able to be successfully developed in record time”, add Ken Van Eesbeek, Head of Sales of Gambit Financial Solutions.

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