Client : Beobank

Issue : Streamline the investment process

Gambit’s solution : Investment advisory tool

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« An advanced tool that really helps advisers add value to customers  »


  • Belgian bank with 620,000 private, independent and SME customers.
  • Network of 250 branches.
  • Part of Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe (CMNE), the first bank in northern France.


The challenge

Following a merger with BKCP Bank, Beobank wanted to launch a new tool that would allow the two institutions to align their advisory approach to investment, incorporate new products and services and streamline the investment advice process.

Why Gambit?

“Beobank and BKCP Bank were already using Gambit applications when we merged and we’d both had a good experience with them. Gambit combine deep expertise with flexibility; they’ve always understood our model and our strategic challenges. Also they are very familiar with the local and European regulatory environment, which is a huge advantage in this industry.
Gambit worked in close partnership with us to meet extremely tight deadlines. Within a few months, we had a customized solution that monitors our clients’ financial goals and optimizes their assets through adviser consultations. Thanks to Gambit, we now have an advanced tool that really helps advisers add value to customers and offer them a truly personalized service.”

Marc Danneels, Chief Investment Officer, Beobank

The Gambit solution
In 2016 Gambit delivered a complete investment advisory tool including the following modules:

  • Client data collection
  • client profiling
  • investment advice
  • life insurance advice
  • portfolio performance tracking module
  • detailed reports.

This new tool also offers Beobank’s advisers a 360 ° view of their customer assets at any time. And the ability for them to see details of previous meetings with clients.