Client : Keytrade Bank

Issue : Implement a 24-hour online discretionary management solution.

Gambit’s solution : Portfolio optimization and recommendation algorithms

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« The perfect partner for our online discretionary management solution  »

Keytrade Bank

  • Belgian market leader in online investment and banking
  • Over 200k customers in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland


The Gambit solution
Keytrade launched KEYPRIVATE in 2015 – a new online discretionary management solution, giving access to 10 portfolios presenting various degrees of risk according to users’ profile. With KEYPRIVATE, users can invest from 15,000 euros. In order to provide the best possible risk-return ratio, Keytrade chose to use Gambit’s algorithms :

  • Portfolio recommendations for each type of customer
  • Optimisation of asset allocations and rebalancing
  • Investment simulation module

Why Gambit?

“We chose Gambit for its reputation in portfolio optimization algorithms; they’re highly specialized in their field and they use a scientific basis for their solutions. We also liked the fact that Gambit is a human-scale company – a FinTech before the term was coined. For all these reasons, Gambit were the perfect partner for our online discretionary management solution.
Gambit technology is based on a hybrid model combining mathematical models and human intervention – an enhanced version of the Modern Portfolio Theory, combined with behavioral finance which gives primacy to profile an individual investor. This proven model, allows us to track all our recommendations through our financial and investment committees. We can keep a close eye on our clients’ portfolios. ”
Within just a few months KEYPRIVATE has attracted a lot of new customers and portfolios have remained healthy.”
Thierry Ternier, CEO, Keytrade Bank