The digital revolution has raised consumer expectations and you need to rethink the way you interact with clients. 


You’re looking for a solution that helps you better understand client expectations and investment goals

You want to communicate your advice, tips and recommendations remotely and need digital support and expertise

You want to offer your customers an interactive and personalized asset tracking service

We offer…

Two ways to serve all your customers : those who want to have face to face contact and those who prefer to interact digitally.



Squiree, our advisor-guided solution, provides seamless end-to-end management of the client relationship whether your client is sitting next you or checking their investments online. A simple on-screen dialogue guides clients through portfolio options and helps them define their objectives. You can support their decisions by simulating proposed portfolios. Once the portfolio is set up, clients can monitor their investments online or use the website to arrange further meetings with you.



With our self-guided solution, Birdee, you can enable your clients to set up their portfolio by themselves online. Our simple user interface prompts investors to create their risk profile and select portfolios that match it. Investors can compare simulations before making a final decision and they track invesmtents digitally. This white label discretionary management solution can be implemented in a few months.

For more information :

Our proprietary expertise


Our questionnaire helps you tailor your advice by identifying your clients’ risk profile, financial situation and investment objectives.


Our algorithms enable you to offer portfolios that match investors’ expectations. We use optimization and rebalancing algorithms to ensure investments are in line with client profiles.


Our solution monitors portfolio risk and performance daily. This information can be easily forwarded to clients or management at any time.

Our service is entirely modular and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Client benefits


Faster and more efficient on-boarding/KYC (Know Your Customer)

360° visibility of assets and customer needs

Combines hands-on management with automation


Focused on client goals

Helps advisors fulfil their mission to support and guide

Customer experience based on principles of gamification and education

Fluid transition between physical, web and mobile channels


100% digital on-boarding/KYC (Know Your Customer) – zero paper document

Self-guided customer experience, using principles of gamification and education

Optional outsourcing of portfolio management to Gambit

Advisory or discretionary management options

Financial advisors

Innovative interface based on learnings from gamification and education

Digitization wins new customers

Complements traditional approach to markets

Allows advisors to focus on tasks which add more value