A comprehensive risk analysis in line with national and international requirements

Portfolio risk


Our system reviews every portfolio every day and updates your clients according to their stated frequency and channel preferences.

Regulatory risk


Our monitoring tools alert you of any deviation from the regulations (UCITS, AIFMD…). You can easily create reports from the data you get.

Our expertise



We collect data from a range of sources, internal and external, allowing you to make confident analysis and comparisons.



Our mapping tool allows you to handle any type of asset. We offer you more than a hundred measures of risk and performance.



You can push your analyses to managers or investors in the format that suits you: dashboards, PDF report or alerts.

The high degree of automation in our solutions frees you up to focus on activities that add greater value to your clients.

They trust us «A simple, user-friendly solution»
Luc Neuberg, CEO, BCEE AM