Victory at the Hackathon!

Published on 20/06/2016

Sunday 19 June, in Brussels, Birdee’s team won the first prize of the BNP International Hackathon, in the category “artificial intelligence and robo-advisors.” They received their prize after 54 hours of intensive developments of their robo-advisor solution.

The BNP International Hackathon was organised simultaneously in 8 cities around the world (San Francisco, London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw and Istanbul), on the theme: “streamlining the customer journey.” The objective was to design new application prototypes or online services around specific issues for the bank’s customers.

Nine IT/ design experts of Birdee then participated in the challenge. During two days, they worked on the improvement of the journey and the features of their Birdee solution. Their goal: offer an online savings management platform which would be innovative, educational, intuitive and especially accessible for all, and that significantly improves all the aspects of the customer relationship.

“We are extremely proud to be recognised for our 100% digital discretionary management solution, which combines an attractive customer experience and a great expertise on investment management.,” Geoffroy de Schrevel declared, CEO of Gambit Financial Solutions.

Discover the video of the BNP International Hackathon: