Profile of the month : Linda Matab

Name : Linda Matab  

Age : 39 years old

Position: HR Director

Education : Labour sciences- Coaching- NLP Master Patricien -Insight Discovery

" I never lose. I either win or learn ", Nelson Mandela.

What's your background before joining Gambit's family?

Before joining Gambit, I worked mainly in the aviation sector as well as in larger structures (Fedex, AB INBEV). I mainly held the positions of Payroll Manager, HR Manager and HR Strategic Business Partner. During these different experiences, I had the chance to train myself in Leadership techniques (Insight Discovery, coaching, NLP). These different trainings allowed me to approach human relations in a different way and to take a new look at them. I was able to bring to my practice more listening, empathy and inclusion but also to build an approach that speaks about the group and its employees.  

What were your reasons for joining Gambit?

I wanted to join a dynamic, agile environment with fast decision making. I wanted to be able to concretely evaluate my added value in the organisation. I wanted to find meaning in an environment where I could contribute my ideas and feel useful. I had a willingness to innovate and create instead of executing established processes.  

Can you describe your job at Gambit?

My function is to serve the Gambit team. We all have a customer to serve and my customers are my colleagues. I am in a consulting function where I offer services in the different areas of human resources. I have a generalist function. I attach a lot of importance to collective intelligence. This is why I am in a function where I am attentive to expectations and needs in order to be able to issue an action plan.  

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The challenges are important for me and I have the opportunity to venture into themes that I find interesting for Gambit. Autonomy and rapid decision-making are elements that I appreciate in my daily life.  

What are the challenges of your job?

Maintain motivation, stay tuned and try to meet expectations.  

What are the two essential assets in your job?

I would say there are three of them: anticipation, listening to the social climate and being proactive.  

In your opinion, what are the challenges in the Fintech industry that Gambit will have to face?

Identify market needs so that they can be met. Be innovative in order to stand out from our competitors.  

  • Gambit in 3 words : Enthousiasm, team spirit, dynamism
  • Your hobbies : Learning and discovering.  I am in a continious training since 5 years. Wine and Food with friends.
  • Your main character trait : Tenacity.  When I have an idea, I don't quit.
  • The phrase you say most often at work : "My pleasure"