Profile of the month : Marketing & Sales Trainees

October 30, 2020

Profile of the month - Marketing trainees

Bryan Clot 22 Yo

Arnaud Ianuzzi 24 Yo

Joffrey Chabanne 21 Yo

Marketing & Sales Trainees

Formation : Master in Sales Management HEC Liège (Arnaud)/ Master in Global Business KEDGE BS (Bryan & Joffrey) 

What are your respective backgrounds?

Arnaud: I did my primary school in Luxembourg and my secondary school in the German-speaking community in St. Vith. I started my graduate studies with a bachelor’s degree in international trade at Helmo St. Marie in Liège. With this diploma, I started my master at HEC Liège and I am currently in 2nd year of a work-linked Master in Sales Management.

I have had several professional experiences in sales teams including an internship at Alipa in Luxembourg, a year of half time internship at Gambit in Liège and an activity as a student entrepreneur within HEC Consulting Group.

Joffrey and Bryan: We both grew up in Congo Brazzaville in Africa, Bryan in Pointe-Noire (the economic capital) and Joffrey in Brazzaville (the diplomatic capital). After Congo, I did my last two years of high school in Mauritius where I obtained my French baccalaureate (Joffrey). After having spent most of my life between France and other African countries such as Gabon, I finished school and obtained my French baccalaureate in Pointe-Noire (Bryan).

We are currently  in the first year of a master’s degree at KEDGE Business School Bordeaux, preparing our international EBP diploma. We are reaching the end of our academic exchange at the University of Hull in England, in order to validate our Bachelor of Marketing. Furthermore, we have just finished an internship as marketing assistants at RMCLUB Mauritius. We hope that our previous experience will help us with future marketing tasks assigned to us at Gambit.

Why did you choose Gambit for your internship?

Arnaud: During my bachelor’s degree, I realised that the digitalisation of companies was becoming more and more important. I had little knowledge of finance and IT and wanted to learn more in these areas. As a spin-off of my university, I’ve heard a lot about Gambit at HEC. So it was only natural for me to apply there.

Joffrey and Bryan: With the current pandemic, it was very difficult for us to find an internship. We focused our research on Belgium and the Netherlands and decided to apply to the Gambit Fintech, which attracted us by its very innovative and dynamic universe. We were then directly contacted by Gambit’s team, which lacked staff on the marketing and sales side. This is an opportunity for us to discover a new activity field, allowing us to have access to a set of tools and methods, which will be useful to us in our future experiences.

What are your roles in the Gambit team?

Bryan and Joffrey joined Gambit in September 2020, while Arnaud joined the team in September 2019. With an additional year of experience, Arnaud coordinates the Marketing team composed of the 3 trainees, under the tutelage of the Head of Marketing. Our number one goal is to generate leads for the Sales team. To do this, we implement Inbound/Outbound Marketing techniques, and Account Based Marketing techniques.

(Bryan/Joffrey) What were your first impressions of Belgium and its corporate culture?

This is indeed the first time that we find ourselves in a Belgian company, and also one of the first professional experiences in Europe. It took us a few days of observation to get a first opinion, as the environment was brand new to us. The Covid-19 pandemic and therefore measures made it difficult to have an image that is true to Gambit’s corporate culture. That is why we have a rather general idea, but still find the company much more family-friendly than we could have imagined. With Arnaud it was easier to understand the atmosphere and integrate quickly into the work.

(Arnaud) How did you interpret the arrival of two new trainees?

It is important to note that Gambit is about to review its Sales and Marketing Machine. There was no Marketing team in place. So my supervisor recruited two new trainees, and I was very happy to see Bryan and Joffrey arrive to contribute to the review of  the Sales and Marketing processes. Moreover, it proves that Gambit trusts me by giving me more responsibilities after my first year of internship.

What are your prospects for the future?

Bryan: When people talk to me about the future, it immediately rhymes with Congo. Having spent my childhood there, I feel the need to return, to bring my professional expertise and savoir-faire that I will have acquired with my studies and various experiences. That is why before I go back, I would like to get a real international business experience. In the meantime, my specialisation during my master’s degree will help me pick the branch in which I will advance.

Joffrey: If I go back to my business school debut, my goal was clearly international business management. Today, thanks to various openings and experiences, I think I have focused more on creation, and especially the image of the company internationally. The future is linked to Africa and for me Congo especially. My goal is to reconcile my studies and my field of activity with future work opportunities. I still have the master’s degree to refine my aspirations.

Arnaud: Having had experiences in Sales, Marketing and Consulting, I don’t know where to go yet because I am very interested in these 3 areas. How about a job that includes all three? I will first finish my Master’s degree and write my thesis before projecting myself into my professional career. What is certain is that I intend to stay in Belgium or Luxembourg.


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