Gambit Financial Solutions was created in 2007 by a group of scientists at HEC-University of Liège. Our ambition – then and now – is simple : to put the customer at the heart of investment advice by the use of innovative technology.

We continue to work closely with the academic community and we are a major innovative force in our field. On top of that, we completed our expertise in finance and algorithmics with a comprehensive technology stack of modules, as well as services that accompany them. We invest heavily in R&D and innovation projects.

Our software is used by financial institutions in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Brazil. We are continuously nurturing new talents across our offices around the world.


Laurent Bodson

Laurent Bodson


Co-founder of Gambit and holder of a PhD in finance, Laurent has extensive expertise in portfolio management and financial risk management, both in practice and in academic research. Successively holding the positions of Head of Solutions, COO and Head of Sales at Gambit, he became CEO in 2022 while continuously pursuing his ambition to put the client at the heart of investment advice through innovative technology. 

Gauthier Bury

Gauthier Bury

Head of Projects

Holder of two Master’s degrees, respectively in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Liège, Gauthier joined Gambit in 2009 as a product developer and functional analyst. Occupying various key positions within Gambit, he became head of the Project team in 2013. After a career break to travel across Asia, he returned to Gambit and was first responsible for innovation and product strategy, before taking the lead on the projects and quality teams.

Gaël Minon

Gaël Minon

Head of B2B2C & B2B

After studies in finance and computer science as well as a strong experience in digital acquired in tech companies, Gaël was amongst the first to join the adventure of Gambit in 2008. In 2015, he was appointed Head of Birdee to bring to life Gambit’s robo-advisor. In addition to his B2C hat, Gaël also leads the forward-looking vision at Gambit as Head of Strategy and member of Executive Committee.

Thomas Soumagne

Thomas Soumagne

COO - Head of IT

Co-Founder of Gambit, Thomas is in charge of operations. He has a strong expertise in IT solution development and finance. Thomas regularly teaches web technology courses at HEC Liège. He holds a double master's degree in Computer Science and Management at HEC Business School - University of Liège.

Ken Van Eesbeek

Ken Van Eesbeek

Head of R&D

After joining Gambit in 2011, Ken focused on business development, sales and project management. He is currently responsible for the pre-sales, Proof of Concepts and R&D within the Growth team. He is also a regular speaker at events. Ken holds master’s degrees in Banking & Finance as well as Applied Economics and is FRM-certified.

Aurore Collée

Aurore Collée

With a Master's degree in Management Science and an Executive Master's degree in Internal Audit, Aurore has acquired most of her experience in banking and insurance, where she has held various positions (finance, strategic project management, internal audit). She joined Gambit in December 2018 as Finance Manager before becoming CFO in 2022, with responsibility for Gambit and Birdee. 
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Linda Matab

HR Director
Before joining Gambit in 2018, Linda held HR positions in international companies. She initially focused her career on the hard side of human resources: payroll, compensations & benefits and then moved on to the skills development side. Motivation, skills development, well-being, confidence and self-knowledge are among the subjects that are close to her heart, and which she puts at the service of Gambit on a daily basis.




Excellence in business expertise and technical quality is of essence.



Delivering solutions in production requires an end-result driven attitude, with a willingness to go the extra mile.



At the end of the day, quality of life comes with human interaction.

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