Do you want to join Gambit?

What we offer:

  • Working in an inspiring Fintech spirit: A dedicated team awaits you to join them in challenging the established rules and creating a new financial environment that would be simpler and more transparent
    for everybody.
  • Fast personal developments: As a Fintech, everybody on board has a crucial role to play and will be quickly granted with responsibilities. This is a great opportunity for you to challenge your skills and talents without having to wait several years to get to a position with decisional power.
  • Collaboration with young and dynamic talents: Who better than millennials could build solutions for millennials (or rather anyone with the same progressive mindset)? That’s why we have chosen to trust young talents who are craving for innovation, to build products they would like to use.
  • A people-oriented culture: At Gambit, we will not ask you to wear a tie nor grey suits. If you want to listen to music, it’s fine! We will just ask you to be passionate about your job, and to love sharing your expertise. In addition, when things get a bit heated, enjoy our Fridays’ Happy Hours with a foosball and great (Belgian!) beers.

These are the open applications: