Increasingly High Expectations and Regulatory Requirements

Universal banks are facing increased competition from incumbent actors with a strong digital footprint, tighter regulatory requirements, and increased client expectations. To keep up, banks must increase the digital footprint of their services. Enhanced digital services can also reduce the operational costs of low value-adding services and allow private bankers to dedicate more time to your most profitable services: spending more time with your wealthy clients. Gambit's solutions are built to allow private banks to effortlessly automate low-value adding activities and provide their demanding clients with state-of-the-art digital services. Gambit's solutions were designed specifically to address the evolving banking industry, and we have successfully helped our clients to overcome the challenges they were facing.


Our clients active in retail banking are often faced with :


High Cost

High cost of providing financial advice.

Need for Digital

Need for Digital

Clients who expect more digital interaction.

Personal Contact

Personal Contact

Clients who, nevertheless, often value personal interaction with a human advisor.



Difficulty to follow-up and get customer validation of the provided advice.

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Advice Communication

Financial advisors and wealth managers often have difficulties distributing rebalancing advice to a large audience. Furthermore, customers often don't take immediate action so following up with a personalized explanation is necessary. Our solution allows the automation of advice, without diminishing the added value of the advisor, who can still adapt, personalize or stop the advice coming from the Head Office.

Self Guided

With our self-guided solution, you can enable your clients to set up their portfolio by themselves online. The simple user interface prompts investors to determine their risk profile and select portfolios that match it. Investors can compare simulations before making a final decision and they can track investments digitally. This white label discretionary management solution can be implemented in just a few months.

Advisor Guided

Our advisor-guided solution provides seamless end-to-end management of the client relationship, whether your client is sitting next to you or checking his investments online. A simple on-screen dialogue guides clients through portfolio options and helps them define their objectives. You can support their decisions by simulating proposed portfolios. Once the portfolio is set up, clients can monitor their investments online or use the website to arrange further meetings.




Digital transition is very important for BNP Paribas Private Bank France and his HQ to reduce the operational costs of the bank. The challenge for a private bank is how to harness digitalisation without loosing the tailor-made approach.

Together with the bank we have implemented a digital platform allowing the automation of portfolio management without losing the personal face to face approach.

This digital platform named "MyMand@te" will help the bank to increase the profitability of the customers with lower Assets under Management.

Furthermore the tool is tailor-made for the customers of the bank with :

  • Highy personalised portfolios (>1000 possibilites)
  • Personalised risk questionnaire and profile
  • BNP's portfolio optimisation algorithm

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