Innovative financial technology

We design technology that is built around your customer. The building blocks are solid and proven, whilst the customer journey is smooth and can be completely customized by your IT team, or by us.

Digital with a human touch

We believe that it's for the customer to decide. Some value human interaction and trust relationship with an adviser, while others prefer managing their money from their sofa, in complete autonomy. Our modular approach allows adapting to the specific needs of your client audience.

Modular marketplace


We have a component and micro-services based approach for faster customization and cheaper deployment costs.


The technology foundation composed of a hub with APIs, is highly scalable. It reduces integration time and allows easier integration of third-party applications.


So our clients can choose to start with quick wins or to build with us a complete end-to-end solution that fits their specific expectations and business model.

Why financial institutions work with us


We deliver fast
and adapt quickly

Our agile and disciplined deployment methodology cuts time to market, while protecting the integrity of end-clients experience. We make it happen, quicker and cheaper, with a constant focus on our clients.


Advanced modular
technology and
proven security

Our technology is regularly audited and tested on security, by both external auditors as by the security departments of our customers.


Global Experience in
large and small projects

Besides great technology, we have proven that we are able to deliver final solutions in production at both small and large organisations. We adapt to the environment we work in.


Academic background, scientific robustness

We were born at the university, and this academic DNA remains one of the sources of our business value.



We have an agile and flexible corporate structure and an entrepreneurial mindset. 


B2B first, with B2C experience

Thanks to our B2C activity, via our affiliate company Birdee Money Experts, we can bring real-life business experience to the table. Birdee is a regulated company, providing wealth management solutions to the public, using Gambit technology.

The technology


Every financial institution has different needs and has a different set of existing tools. Therefore, we build our modules in a micro-service architecture. Each financial institution can choose the building blocks it needs.

Open API

The API based architecture allows an easy integration of data flows, front-end developments, third-party applications and the development of in-house add-ons.

Omni-channel and mobile first

The API structure allows an easy integration into the banks' different front-ends. Our modules can be deployed via a mobile application (iOS, Android) or a web-application.

Regulatory Compliant

MiFID, KYC, AML, GDPR,... there are a lot of regulations around which make our business specific compared to other industries. Legal regulations and their recurrent updates have become a real headache for financial institutions. It is therefore important that you select a partner who has experience in all these domains, on both the B2B and B2C side.

More than software

Financial institutions expect more than software and maintenance from their partners, they expect value adding services. This ranges from asset management, hosting, custody, operations, marketing support, regulatory support, etc. Thanks to our B2C experience, we can bring more than only software to the table, we can bring end-to-end business expertise.

Cloud ready & Secure

Scalability and flexibility are important these days. Therefore our solutions are adapted to be hosted in the cloud.

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