A robo-advisor for life insurance :

In a context where negative rates and with the adoption of the PACTE law, the objective of which aims to steer French savings towards the real economy, players in the life insurance market must adapt their offer and find a way to attract savers to investment offers. Additionally, there is an evolution in consumption habits. Indeed, customers want to access their banking services as easily as they are choosing a series on Netflix. In keeping with these modern times, the robo-advisor proves itself an ideal solution for insurers.

It is in this context that BNP Paribas Cardif in partnership with Gambit, launches “Birdee Vie” in France. A life insurance accessible from 1,000 euros based on ETFs (funds replicating stock market indices) labelled SRI (socially responsible investment). "We were missing a savings contract that was fully digitalized," said Pascal Perrier, director of CGP broker & e-business network at BNP Paribas Cardif France, in an article by AGEFI.

This is not the first partnership that Gambit has made with an insurer. The robo-advisor Birdee already uses Cardif Lux Vie for 22,000 customers and nearly 170 million euros in assets under management.

Here is the interview with Gaël Minon, Director of Birdee, for the magazine ‘Capital´.