Birdee, a whole new way of saving money


Birdee, the savings management solution designed by Gambit Financial Solutions, has been available in BtoB for our institutional partners since 2016.

Now, it is also open to all individuals looking for new savings media.

On our website or on a smartphone or tablet via our mobile application, available for free on Google Play and the App Store, anyone can put their money in just a few clicks, without a fortune or special knowledge in finance.

With a minimum investment amount of 1000 euros, the user can choose one or more portfolio(s) adapted to his personal goals and his risk profile. He can consult his account and monitor the performance of these portfolios on a daily basis. His money remains available at any time, with just a few clicks. Management fees are known in advance and fixed: 1% net annual.

"We want to help the savers take control of their savings by giving them access to well-explained financial supports. And all this by making the investment experience more fun through a largely gamified customer journey ", summarizes Geoffroy de Schrevel, CEO of Gambit Financial Solutions.

Do not hesitate to come and discover us. Registration on is free and takes only a few minutes. And users can test Birdee by investing virtually as long as they want, without any commitment.