Gambit is proud to be recognised Trusted FinTech!

Smart people know when they need to learn more, keep up with the changing market and stay curious about the work they do.

That’s why two of Gambit’s team Diego de Radzitzky – Head of Operational Services, and Gaël Monfort – Head of IT, attended the 4 months (December 2018 to March 2019): “Cyber Awareness Program” organised by B-Hive. The course, held in Brussels, aims at embedding cyber awareness ‘into (the) core values…the DNA’ of companies. Thus, advancing and emphasising Gambit’s already high standards in ‘the quality, reliability, security, and the protection of data and privacy‘.

As we at Gambit place our customers at the heart of what we do, we understand and value the significance of having received a diploma with the status ‘Trusted Fintech’. We know our customer’s trust is essential, the baseline for all our work.

And beyond trustworthy, banking solutions shouldn’t be overly complicated, there are enough stresses in life. That’s why our cyber security is of course safe but also easy to use.