Céline Heinl
01 September 2023 3 min read

Pension reform: your digital tools at the service of your customers

As we navigate our way through an ever-changing world, it's essential that financial institutions recognize the importance of talking to their customers about retirement, and adapt their digital tools accordingly.

Retirement is a phase of life that requires careful planning. Unfortunately, too many people reach retirement age without having taken the necessary steps to guarantee their future financial security. As financial institutions, you are in a privileged position to help your customers understand retirement issues and make informed decisions. Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in optimizing your digital tools to serve your customers...

Active seniors: at the heart of your services

Following the baby boom of the 50s, the senior population is growing rapidly. An intergenerational pivot is opening up for them, with the aim of preparing for their own retirement, helping their children to grow up better and helping their elders to age better.

Senior citizens have specific needs in terms of preparing for retirement, which can be grouped into three essential categories: their activities, their family and their income. As they approach this stage of life, many questions arise, arousing both excitement and apprehension. They wonder what their life plans will be in retirement, how best to care for their families, and how to meet their financial needs. What's more, they're looking for ways to optimize their assets to guarantee security and peace of mind during these years.

The question of income is a legitimate concern for senior citizens, who are looking to ensure financial stability during their retirement. They are thinking about how to manage their finances efficiently, optimize their savings and take into account their future expenses. This is an opportunity for them to explore the different income options available, such as retirement pensions, investments or insurance in place during their working lives. Sometimes, it's also at this stage of their lives that they receive an inheritance.

Optimizing their wealth is another key concern. They want to understand how best to manage their property and assets, taking into account possible inheritance, tax aspects, estate planning and protecting their wealth for future generations.

Faced with these many questions, it's essential to offer seniors the right advice, resources and services to help them prepare for retirement, taking into account their personal aspirations, family values and financial needs.

💡 France's pension reform: the sobering figures

Did you know that in 1970, there were 4 working people for every retired person? By 2023, this figure has dropped to just 1.7 working people per retiree. By 2070, there will be less than one working person for every retired person.

Acting with your customers today, to ensure comfortable living for tomorrow

Accompanying your customers at the right moments to become their trusted partner for the long term. That's the goal of every financial institution. But taking the right turn by being the trusted bank to turn to for all financial matters is not always easy, especially when it comes to the anxiety-inducing subject of retirement.

That's why it's essential to stand out from the crowd by offering ever more sophisticated services, so as to be at the heart of market trends, in tune with your customers' expectations and, above all, at the cutting edge of technology in terms of retirement planning.

But how can you provide answers to their questions about a financial future that may sometimes seem uncertain?

Leverage and evolve your existing digital tools

One of the most effective ways of communicating with your customers is to take advantage of modern digital tools. The majority of people are now permanently connected, and they expect to be able to access their financial information and advice anytime, anywhere.

By adapting your digital tools to include retirement-specific functionality, you can offer your customers a personalized and relevant experience to enable them to:
- track their retirement savings,
- access educational resources thanks to your expert advice,
- simulate investment strategies to make informed decisions to secure their financial future.

To ensure this transition, Gambit's teams work with you to create innovative tools, from simulation to retirement planning.