Profile of the month: Isabelle Braem

Name : Isabelle Braem

Age : 34 years old

Fonction : Squad Owner Squiree - PM IFS

Education : IT Webmaster - Network Manager


What’s your background before joining Gambit’s family?

Before joining Gambit, I was in the telecom industry as a test coordinator. I've been on my 12-year journey through Numericable, Orange and VOO. I wanted to change areas, and Gambit opened the door 😊

Can you describe your job at Gambit and what you enjoy most?

I am currently Squad Owner of Squiree, which means I am in charge of the schedules’ management of our various projects within the Squad. I also deal with bug management at our largest client, BPCE. What I appreciate most is the human side with my colleagues, being a bit like their mom at work and especially the customer contact for bug management.

What’s your favorite project you’ve been working on at Gambit?

I've only known BPCE at the moment so I can't answer the question too much, but they will remain my favorite customers considering our 2-year project together and the things we managed to put together.

What are your career perspectives?

I would like to continue to evolve within Gambit in my role as project manager which has just begun for me in early November. I don't know what the future will be like, I live day to day and I don't ask myself that kind of question. The principle is to be well in my function and to be able to accomplish challenges in my project.

How Covid-19 did affect your work at Gambit?

It gives me extra hours of sleep every day 😊 We no longer have physical customer contact so at first it was a bit complicated. But technology has allowed us all to be together even from afar. With my team, it was a little more complicated at first because we were used to being close to work, but over time we acclimatized to this strange period and we do everything possible to make everyone feel good.

In your opinion, what are the challenges in the Fintech industry that Gambit will have to face?

Competition is due to the fact that with the Covid period the market is tightening everywhere, travel is limited, so we have to deal with closed doors and other companies already on the spot. The first challenge is to keep your head up, to keep doing good things and maybe, take the time to recover things a little less good.

  • Gambit in 3 words: Discovery – Challenge - Learning
  • Hobbies : All sports – Reading - IT
  • Main character trait : Determined – Leader
  • The phrase you say most often at work : « We're gonna make it, we rely on each other! » / « Stop whining »