21 December 2020 2 min read

Name : Plunus Severine

Age : 41 years old

Position: CFO

Education : PhD in Management Sciences

What were your reasons for joining Gambit?

At the end of my studies, I got offered the opportunity to participate to a research project that led to the creation of Gambit. It sounded much more interesting than working in audit (offers that I also got)

What does your job consist in and what are the required qualities?

My first responsibility is to make sure we have the money to pay the salaries at the end of the month. In order to do that, I need to control the expenses, to make sure we send invoices to clients and to make sure they pay it. I need to be able to anticipate as accuracy as I can the cash in and out, and to find solutions when the cash does not come as expected. I need to be very rigorous, exhaustive, and responsible. Then, I need also to have a vision at longer term: Observe the trends, detect the anomalies, and find solutions to improve or correct the bad trends.

What did Gambit bring to you since your arrival?

Almost all my work experience. Except for my PhD as teacher assistant at HEC-Ulg, I have never worked elsewhere. However, I feel I had a lot of different jobs as my functions and responsibilities have changed a lot during those 17 years.

How did you live your homeworking experience?

Very well. For the first time, I was able to work during business hours and was not obliged to wait for the other to go home before I could start to work on my files.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Right now, I have no ideas. I know where I do not see myself: Working in a large company in Brussel or Paris. I prefer small companies where we know each others and people care for each other.

Where do you see Gambit in the future? 

In Liege. Gambit’s main value is its people and most Gambit’s people (not all) love Liege.

  • Favorite sentence: Il n’y a que les imbéciles qui ne changent pas d’avis (only fools never change their minds)
  • Your hobbies : Pole-vaulting
  • A fun fact you experienced at Gambit: One day, in our first office rue Dartois, the kitchen was so messy that some employees found funny to put a poster on the door saying “Danger, contaminated zone, stay away’” The cleaning lady got scared and went home without cleaning our office.  Her boss called the next day…  Not very proud!
  • Some advice for someone new starting at Gambit: Do not hesitate to ask questions!