With our self-guided solution, you can enable your clients to set up their portfolio by themselves online. The simple user interface prompts investors to create their risk profile and select portfolios that match it. Investors can compare simulations before making a final decision and they track investments digitally. This white label discretionary management solution can be implemented in a few months.

Digital Onboarding

Ensure compliant Know-your-customer (KYC) and client authentication, without having the client set foot in a branch. This also includes MIFID compliant risk profiling taking into account the risk aversion, perception, financial situation and financial literacy. The entire journey is designed to be smooth, interactive, and include notions of gamification.

Robo advisor

Automatic Advice

Thanks to our powerful algorithms, Gambit optimises and automates the portfolio management based on your investment strategy and your product universe. A comprehensive list of optimisation algorithms is at your disposal. Our solution includes a seismograph that tracks financial markets, and detects the premises of a “financial-quake”, helping you to react proactively and protect your clients’ portfolios against a crisis.



Robo solutions need to be able to adapt to different client segments. Customer knowledge and expectations can vary significantly from the retail to the wealth segment. Clients in Wealth or Private Banking segments often have their own ideas on how they want their money to be invested. In light of this, they have the ability to plug in preferences and constraints, allowing a greater level of granularity and perceived personalisation of their portfolios.


Test Virtual Portfolios

Before investing real money, clients can test any portfolio with virtual money. That way they get familiar with the functionalities of the platform, without putting real money at risk from the beginning. Furthermore, they can get to know the risk behavior of the selected portfolios.

Gambit_Test Virtual_Portfolios-1


Getting people to invest is one thing, to make sure you maintain the customer relationship is another. Thanks to the news-feed and chat functionalities, you can maintain an interactive and human exchange with your customers.


Advisor in the Loop

The administration platform allows the advisor to keep track of his clients and provide assistance to the client by logging into the application, as if he were the client, but with restricted access. A dashboard also gives advisors an overview of their clientele and actions they could take to improve client interaction.

Gambit_Advisor in the Loop


Our modular approach allows you the flexibility to compose a solution specific to your needs, and taking into account your current technical environment. The micro-service architecture allows us composing a solution based on standard bricks and communicating via APIs.




Birdee Money Experts is a subsidiary of Gambit based in Luxembourg as a registered asset manager under the monitoring of the CSSF.

The company uses Gambit technology to propose a B2C platform allowing to anyone to invest into a discretionary investment solution from 1.000 EUR.

This B2C platform was implemented in 2018 and proposes 5 model portfolio risk levels combined with 5 "flavors" :

  • Real Estate
  • Bio-tech
  • Sustainable development
  • Europen SMEs
  • Responsible investment

An essential feature of Birdee Money Expert is that the platform is easy and fun to use. There is a special focus on the user friendliness and gamification.

Feel free to visit: Birdee.co

or download the app: 

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