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Birdee (Week 2) : The Impact of lowering the investment amount

6 min

Profile of the month : Marketing & Sales Trainees

5 min

Birdee (Week 1) : The Impact of COVID on our B2C robo-advisor

7 min

3 consequences of COVID on savings and investments

Axa Bank steps into personal banking with the technology of Gambit

Profile of the month : Linda Matab

2 min

Keeping your customers loyal during the rapid rise of online banking

8 min

Life in line with the next world

1 min

Lucy, BNP Paribas Fortis' robo-advisor

1 min

Saving online via the Birdee robo-advisor is possible from 50 euros upwards

1 min

How reliable are advice-based algorithms?

3 min

Gambit is proud to be recognised Trusted FinTech!

1 min

[FRANCE] Individual pension, a challenge for the future.

3 min

Victory at the Hackathon!

1 min

The Robo-Advisors are quite resistant to COVID-19.

3 min

Georges Hübner: "Efficient Resource Allocation in the Context of the Coronavirus Crisis"

1 min