The stock market virus

June 02, 2020

Article by Sébastien Buron, Trends Tendances. 

The crisis does not affect savers’ appetite for the stock market. Quite the opposite, online investment platforms are seeing their numbers soar. 

According to Geoffroy de Schrevel, CEO of Gambit, these figures can be explained by the fact that “customers are looking for a simple, inexpensive savings solution, available at all times, which can be managed from home and which, at the same time, gives the feeling of not being alone,” he stresses. A solution that in any case gives the impression of being closer, more involved than a very disembodied investment fund. During the confinement, the number of contacts and chats with clients has been multiplied by two. For us, this is one of the great lessons of the crisis: more digital and more authenticity.” 

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